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Skilled Workers (Points System)

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Important Note: There are changes coming to the Skilled Workers/Skilled Trades beginning January 2015. Details of the new system will be posted when available.

The Federal Skilled Workers program allow individuals with prior work experience outside of Canada to apply for permanent residence if several conditions are met. This was previously known as the "points system". 

  • Work Experience
  • Language Ability / Education
  • Selection Factors (aka "Points")
  • Sufficient Funds

Condition 1: Work Experience

The prior work experience must be at least one year of paid full time (or equivalent part time) employment within the last 10 years, be work in the following categories: 

  • Managerial jobs (NOC skill type 0)
  • Professional jobs (NOC skill level A)
  • Technical jobs and skilled trades (NOC skill level B)

In order to find out if your job qualifies as NOC skill type 0, A or B, you must consult the NOC chart found on Human Resource and Skills Development Canada. A cook, for example, would be NOC skill level 6 type B. 

Even if you have the required skilled experience, your NOC skill type 0, A or B job must then be a job that is identified by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (unless you have an offer of arranged employment in Canada or you are applying under the PhD stream). Click here to find the current list of jobs identified by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. 

Condition 2: Language Ability and Education

You are required to have a certain level of English ability. They test this through a third party agency contracted by the government. The minimum required score is "CLB 7". More information can be found on the CIC website.

Your education credentials also must be equal or higher than an equivalent Canadian high school education diploma (this requirement does not apply if your degree/diploma is from a Canadian school). There is a third party agency that will assess must your education history and convert it into its Canadian equivalent. More information can be found on the CIC website. 

Condition 3: Selection Factors (Points)

Your application will then be assessed on the following criteria and given a score. Any points over 67 and your application is eligible to be processed for permanent residence. 

  • your skills in English and/or French, Canada’s two official languages, (28)
  • your education, (25) 
  • your work experience, (15) 
  • your age,  (12)
  • whether you have arranged employment in Canada, and  (10)
  • your adaptability (how well you are likely to settle here). (10)

Condition 4: Funds

The last requirement is that you have sufficient funds in your bank account to support the number of family members in your application for permanent residence. The amount cannot be a loan.

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Useful For:

  1. People with Skilled Work Experience
  2. Prospective Students or Workers Outside of Canada