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Provincial nominees are a special class of immigrants, where the provinces (as opposed to the Federal government) are in charge of who qualifies under the programme. Because Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories, that means there are a lot of different programs a person can qualify for. This section will  discuss  the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program ("PNP"), but you should check with your intended province of residence. 

In Ontario, there are four streams of eligibility for Provincial Nominees:

1. General Stream

There are several requirements to qualify under Ontario's general stream:

  • Skilled work experience (paid) within the last five years in a qualified skill category (NOC type 0, A, or B as defined here),
  • A job offer from a company approved by the Ontario Provincial Nominee program,
  • Proof of the approval,
  • Legal status while acquiring the skilled work experience.

The job offer from the company must be for the approved position at a rate equal or higher than the wage required. 

2. Students with a Job Offer

This criteria is employer driven. This means that not only must you have a job offer from an employer, the employer must receive approval from the Province for the position offered and participation in the PNP program.  So it is important that students pick the right jobs to apply for if the PNP program is their goal. 

Students with a valid job offer can apply if:

  • Employer Pre-Screen Approved Position Form,
  • A Joint Verification form signed by the prospective employer,
  • Pre-screen Position form,
  • Half of their studies was completed in Canada,
  • Has graduated or will soon be graduating from an eligible publicly funded Canadian college or university,
  • The program was a 2-year diploma/degree programme (or 1 year post grad program for a degree or certificate, even if the first degree was completed abroad).
  • Have a job offer in a skilled occupation (NOC type 0, A, or B as defined here). The job offer does not have to be related to the field of study.
  • Have a job offer that is permanent and full-time and meets the entry level wage for the occupation.
  • Apply within two years of the date of receiving their degree or diploma, or the last semester of their studies 
  • Have legal status in Canada. 

3. Masters Graduate

Unlike the first and second PNP programs, Masters graduates do not need a job offer from an approved employer. If you meet these criteria, then you can apply under this stream:

  • Currently reside in, and intend to live and work in Ontario,
  • Demonstrate at least one year of residence in Ontario in the past two years.
  • Have graduated from an existing Masters program at an eligible publicly funded university in Ontario,
  • The program must have been at least a one academic year degree program and attempted full time, 
  • Apply within two years of the date on which their Masters degree was granted, or during the last semester of completing their degree,
  • Have legal status in Canada,
  • English language proficiency – IELTS – General test with a minimum score of 7 or higher,
  •  For French language proficiency – TEF – with a minimum score of 5 or higher,
  • Demonstrate a minimum level of savings/income to support themselves and their dependants (see below),
  • Can not still be studying as your main activity, unless you are required to do so to qualify for your profession.

The income chart cut off is as follows:

1 Person - $11,086
2 Persons - $13,801
3 Persons - $16,967
4 Persons - $20,599
5 Persons - $23,364
6 Persons - $26,350
7 or more Persons - $29,337

4. PhD Graduate

Like Masters graduates, PhD graduates do not require a job offer or an employer to qualify. You may also apply for this programme if you are currently overseas. 

The requirements for a PhD graduate are:

  • Have graduated from an existing PhD program at an eligible publicly funded university in Ontario,
  • You also qualify if you have successfully completed all degree requirements for the program and are awaiting graduation,
  • At least two years of PhD studies were completed at an eligible publicly funded university in Ontario,
  • Apply within two years of the date on which their PhD degree was granted,
  • Have legal status in Canada.

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