Considering making Canada home? It's a big decision that is more often than not made more difficult by the  complicated rules and regulations surrounding Canadian Immigration Law. A withheld fact on an application or a missing document can be disastrous and add months - even years! - of delay to your application. 

As an immigration lawyer, I can help you navigate these turbulent waters to ensure that your immigration process goes as smoothly as possible. Your applications will get my utmost attention. From my work before I was a lawyer, I have over a decade of experience working with immigrants  on their journey to Canada.

In Canada, immigration law changes constantly. Recently, for example, the age of dependency for accompanying children  changed from under the age of 22 to under 19. Each individual immigration matter is unique: depending on your situation, you may have options open to you that are time sensitive.      

So don't delay, book an appointment today!

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