Finding the Right Lawyer

A common question I get from people around my community is how to find the right lawyer.

There is a general perception that the legal community is untrustworthy, charges too much, and/or don't work as hard as they are paid. Luckily, these perceptions are almost always immediately dispelled when you meet a lawyer face to face and explain to them your problem.  

But beyond that, finding the right lawyer, to me, comes down to a key few points. 

  • Accessibility
  • Trust
  • Transparency

Accessibility: Your lawyer should be reasonably available to you and your questions. I don't mean to say that your lawyer should be expected to answer his phone at 11:00 at night, but if you call during regular hours you should have an expectation that they will be there to talk to you. If it is hard to get a hold of your lawyer, it will be also hard to keep a good relationship with them. And a good relationship is key to a successful case. 

Trust: This is more of a gut feeling than anything else. Is your lawyer someone you have faith with? If you had previous experience with your lawyer, you can use that as a base to compare with. Otherwise, this is just something that you'll have to feel as you go along.

Transparency: Will your lawyer show you work that's being done on your file? Or share progress with you when asked without being hostile or defensive? If they do so with no hesitation, it's a great sign that they are proud of the work they are doing! 

These three traits are just something to keep in mind when choosing a lawyer. This is by no means a definitive guide, but I do hope it helps some of you.