Express Entry Calculator - 2017 Updates

Hello everyone,

After a few months of testing we are publishing our 2017 updated Express Entry calculator.

It is available here:

This version incorporates the November 2016 Express Entry system changes, which gives additional points to eligible individuals (those with Canadian education won out, as was discussed in our previous blog post). In addition, the new calculator also incorporates language test results conversion to the Canadian Language Benchmark without the user having to know in advance their CLB results. Moreover, this version also automatically calculates the combination factors, and gives a nice breakdown of your overall CRS points entitlement. You can print the results right from the screen (or save it as a PDF), as a way to keep track of your anticipated points. 

We are very excited to release this version of the calculator, and we hope that it will help you along with your immigration journey to Canada. 

Please send feedback via our contact form, or post in the comments below! We would love to hear from our users their desired changes.

Lastly: our old graphical version, made by our friend Brian, will still be available for users who are familiar with its format. We hope to have an updated version of this graphical calculator, in the future, as well.