Technology Consult

The computer network and system is a key component of any modern office. For those who do not know their ways around computers and networks, this can prove to be a daunting challenge. However, It is easier than ever to set up a computer network.

What isn't easy is working within a limited budget using as much as your existing hardware. Want to keep your existing computer or Mac? Working together, I'll find solutions that'll work for you on a cost efficient basis. I keep your costs low by using your existing hardware and adding on only if it is necessary.    

I will provide you with custom tailored technology solutions to match the needs of your office. 

For lawyers, it is especially important to protect confidentiality. As a fellow lawyer, I will work with you to  ensure that your existing or new network is complaint with all the responsibilities under the Law Society of Upper Canada's Rules of Professional Conduct - including the need to ensure that all client files are secured, backed up, while conveniently accessible to you or your staff.  

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Learn More:

  • Shared files and printers on a network 
  • Tickler system / reminder system
  • A file backup system
  • File redundancy
  • Cloud storage
  • Network access
  • Electronic docketing - including timed dockets
  • Privacy protection and security?